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Welcome to S-Lab, a unique initiative which supports laboratory improvement through events, assessment tools, benchmarking, cases and guidance documents.

We have just held two events: a one day Conference on 'Lab Excellence: Best Practice Design, Operation and Management" which took place at the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, CB10 1SA on 12 December 2017, and a lunchtime seminar on Carbon-Neutral Buildings and Campuses at the University of Bristol which took place on 11 December 2017 by main Conference speaker Otto van Geet. 

We will post details of our 2018 events as soon as dates/venue are confirmed.

Speaker presentations from our Cambridge event will be posted here soon. Meanwhile, 400+ presentations from all of our previous Conferences and Workshops can be found in our Public Dropbox Folder. This includes: 

  • 60+ presentations from our May 9-10 2017 Conference, York Racecourse: "Science Innovation and Translation: The Design and Operation of Research Laboratories, Incubators and Science Park Facilities", organised in collaboration with our partners, UKSPA (UK Science Park Association) and several key partners. 
  • 40-50 presentations from each of our 2016 events: The Effective Laboratory: Scotland in March, Laboratory Equipment and Services at Rothamsted Research in June, and Laboratories of the Future at the University of Nottingham on Sept 21. The latter coincided with, and had presentations on, the new Carbon-Neutral GSK Sustainable Chemistry Laboratory.
  • Almost 100 presentations from our Sept 2015 Conference at the University of Leeds, which had 420 attendees.

Many of the above events featured short-listed applications for past S-Lab Awards. The 2017 winners and shortlist - many of which were the focus of presentations at the York event - is available here.

Register here for the S-Lab Newsletter which will inform you of all our events, publications and other activities.

Contact S-Lab via s-lab@istonline.org.uk.


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